Dec 2003, Aim founded and started medicine retailing business
Feb 2004, Research and Develope office establied in Beijing, started medicine development buisness
Nov 2008, Parent company establised in Tibet
Dec 2011, Investment company establised in Beijing, started acquisition business
July 2012, Headquarter building completed and started use in Lhasa
July 2012, Purchased Sichuan Weiao Pharm, Ltd. Started medicine production business
Oct 2013,Herb research and development center founded in Linzhi, Tibet, started Chinese traditional herb and Tibetan herb planting business
Jan, 2015, Recognized by Tibetan government as Tibet Engineering and Technology research center and started medicine research business
July 2015, Obtained online medicine business level A certificate and founded the base for online marketing
Feb 2015, Factory in Chengdu, Sichuan obtained GMP certificate and startd full operation
Dec 2016, listed company in Shenhen Stock Exchange markert, Stock Code 002826
Mar 2017, 3 key products were catogorized into National Medical Insurance Registeration and by then all products of the company were catalogued items
June 2017, Brand new marketing center completed in Chengdu

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